My ascension to absoluteness

Multitude of infinitesimal fragments, danced before my eyes,

The pieces of my existence, my self, born in time’s cradle,

Entwining, exploring, energising, absorbing, transforming,

Exuding the fragrance of my being and the colour of my soul.


Soaked in remembrance, my mind’s faculties, were anxious,

That a precious fragment might fall into the ethereal ruptures,

For priceless were they, since each was lovingly crafted by time,

Carefully forged using moments doused in self-discovery.


Drenched in emotion, overwhelmed with immense affection,

My mind took me to the surreal mountains of my yesterdays,

As I tiptoed around each delicate piece of my being, with awe,

But, I am not to interrupt the gloriously resplendent evolution.


While I scrutinized the image being undraped before my eyes,

They were coalescing into a delicate but enigmatic form,

As I contentedly watch my ascension to absoluteness,

I realize my definition in time is no longer an abstractness.


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