Bathing in the glow of an ecstatic state,
sitting under the tree of good fate,
staring into the mind’s abyss,
savouring the flavour of bliss,
among the cacophony of resentment,
listened I to the sounds of contentment.

My brain vigilant,
my ears anticipant,
not to skip a beat deliberately,
picking each note distinctly,
my auditory neurons meet,
vehemently eager to greet,
the tintinnabulation of quietness,
the titillation of stillness,
the slow tides of liberty,
the soft thuds of amity,
the random spikes of exhilaration,
the constant waves of gratification,
infinite emotions,
illimitable affection,
gleaming sensations,
gallant imagination,
graceful intensity,
colourful immensity.

Melodiously bewitching it felt,
The sensuous touch of contentment.


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