The perks of possessing a deranged mind

The perks of possessing a deranged, disordered, obsessive mind is that you are sure to lead a miserable life no matter what life chooses to throw at you, or hit you with, or drags you into. The colour of my soul is probably melancholy doused in wistful remembrance, with wild strokes of emotional insanity. So, I know!

People are your biggest enemies and I mean 99.9999% of them! You get to fret your mind over the little things that they deliberately and indeliberately perform, just so that your liquescent madness can percolate through the walls (in which you had managed to imprison them), onto the vexatious niches of your mind. Oh, how I love living in a world full of people!

Anything less than absolute trust is perpetual torture and irrepressible bursts of emotions. The anxiety is so palpable that you are sure that wisps of insanity have grown out of your brain into embarrassingly visible creepers; and then, you get to feel insecure about being insecure! How wonderful!

Obsession and anxiety are like those unwelcome guests that came to stay with you for a day, but now wouldn’t leave. So, you get to learn to love them and nurture them with all the energy that life has left you with! Happy times!

Wait, there is more!

Obsessive thoughts collide like meteors and indiscernible pieces crash down all around you. And, you get to pick each loathsome piece and attempt to neatly arrange them in a rational order so that your mind doesn’t explode in the chaos.

And, finally when you want to channelize that forceful gush of irrationalities that have been stirring and hitting against the walls of your mind, you get to write thick empty prose on the perks of possessing a deranged mind!


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