The tiny trivialities of life

Oh, the little things that inspire you! The tiny trivialities that kindle colossal radiance of fulfilment. No, I’m not talking about the most important entries in your life’s timeline, the ones you are probably going to remember anyway in their abstractness. I am pointing at the ethereal constants in time. Those impassioning moments that might have almost escaped your notice if you hadn’t succumbed to that random urge, induced by probability and not-so-free will that rule the world; to flex your muscles and turn your head, or move your eyeballs to a perfect angle; so that, the existence of those impassioning moments fell right within the vision of your minds.

And, if you really think about it, these little captured moments make up most of your most spectacular memories. For example, when you remember your wedding, it is not the nonconcrete event of the entire ceremony that comes to your mind, but the minute separate flashes of infinitesimal instants in time, your mind had unconsciously photographed and stored in your deepest memory banks. The amalgamation of nervousness and eagerness you had felt in the morning; the indistinct whirls of the bustle around you; the blurred motion of people rushing and fussing for no apparent reason; the trace of indistinguishable scents in the air that almost nauseated you; sense of relief, pointless haste, joy, tears, zeal, hunger, exhaustion; and going by Indian standards, the innumerable flashes from hapless cameras in the hands of over-excited wedding photographers.

However, a sizeable chunk of our existence revolve around the “other” details of arrested time- those isolated instants, the significance of which is not backed by any particularly notable event in life. The pure bliss you felt when the baby at the airport flashed a toothless smile at you; the sadness in the eyes of a stranger you met at the bus stop; the flutter of a lone butterfly at the windowsill; the nostalgia evoked by a long-forgotten whiff of your favourite childhood dish; the feeling of wearying exhaustion you felt after you had laughed too much with your friends; the funny feeling in your tummy when you had consumed too much spiciness the previous night at your friend’s bachelorette party and the subsequent struggle you endure in the toilet; and so on.

You see, our brain has to breakdown time into minute fragments and then arrest them within a properly labelled frame; before collecting it and neatly stocking them in the cupboards of our minds. And, these cupboards are never full. There is always enough space for another tiny worthwhile moment, to be detained in time. So, as Nobokov had said, “Caress the detail; the divine detail.” Yes, caress it, nurture it, remember it, search for it, hold on to it, adorn your mind’s cupboards with it; because, it is so easy to overlook one; because, all you have got in the end, is your precious collection of these tiny trivialities, the easily dismissed inconsequentialities captured from your life.


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