Cosmic Solitude

I’ve become a solitary particle in space,
Drifting purposelessly, but contentedly;
Like a paper airplane soaring in the sky,
Unsure of its momentary freedom to fly.

The vacuum touched my soul with its love,
Cradling my spirit in its immense emptiness,
Sending tremors of tenderness through me,
For I’ve never felt so overwhelmed before.

The disentanglement from the world below,
Released years of bottled dissatisfaction,
Which had tented layers of scabs in my mind,
Like the colossal mounds of tenacious termites.

I watched the pall of gloomy reality from afar,
It has nothing to do with my being anymore,
The irrationalities have released its grip on me,
And, the rationalities have diffused into oblivion.

My mind shaped joyous sculptures of elation,
In deep soothing blankness of tranquillity;
A comforting mantle of relief wrapped me,
As I watched the future dissolve into serenity.


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