Why, Marquez? You too??

She was unusually quiet that day. A sense of alienation, and little whiffs of betrayal were emanating out of her mind. She was determined not to majorly laugh or feel happy that day. She had reached that recurring instance in her life, when the Arrow of Time was cut abruptly at a point; and she was once again kicked out of her own world, left to rot with only a few wistful snippets of memories.

Macondo has found solitude again. And, the Buendios are mad as always. But, she was forced to leave the town. Even after spending one hundred years in their midst, in solitude, in war and peace, they too have, as others always have, cut all ties with her and asked her to go back to dull reality.

Yes, reality is dull…and uncomfortable…and mostly uneventful. She could never stand it; the dull reality, I mean. All it gave her was a lot of discomfort and monotonous responsibilities. She has never felt any connection with the complexities of reality. Her world was simpler, but exciting. Breath-taking events happened. For example, she could, like Remedios the beauty, shave her head, and be nonchalant about it. She had even discussed this with Remedios, at length; and Remedios had told her that it is always better to approach reality with convincing imagination. That’s what she has always done and she loved Remedios for saying it.

But, now Remedios has become just a snippet of a memory. Her entire world has become tiny snippets of memory. Why, Marquez? You too??

Her face showed immense sadness and loneliness. What is she going to do now? She walked to school library. That’s where she met Hemingway.

And, that’s when Santiago invited her to share his “salao” with her.

She could be happy once again.


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