The magnitude of a celestial speck

I am a celestial speck that oddly drifts in vacuum like an estranged leaf floating in the wind. I travel through galaxies, revel in the vastness of intergalactic space, whizz past lonely comets without orbital obligations, compose my life in the empty rhythm of deep space, and sometimes get lost for days in one of those ethereal ruptures.

No, I don’t get troubled by the recurring miserable superficialities of a sad human life, for I don’t feel the need to be associated with humans at all. I am a liberated speck of dust, a triviality, in the universe. My existence does not serve any purpose, other than to merely exist so that the divinities of randomness can entertain themselves by flicking me around like a marble in the hands of a child; while I submit subserviently to the subjective whims of each of the said divinities.

Oh no, you may not dismiss me as a mere oddity in the cosmos; for, my mind can pull through most of the colossal cosmic discrepancies invoked by life in the Arrow of Time. I survive on recurring trivialities of life, bathe in emotional profundity, while seeking constancy in the irregularities and sanity in the irrationalities. I relish exquisiteness, live in blithe carelessness; and retain the shadows of consistencies and the prospect of eventualities. And, I shall radiate the greatness of my mind in all its majestic magnificence, when an extraordinary beam of light hits me.


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