The lazy fat gecko on my wall…

On the ceiling shelf of the wall that faces my bed, lives a lazy lizard, a lethargic fat gecko, which does mostly nothing but lie near the edge, and stare at me with one of its half-asleep pair of eyes. I am almost certain it is the same one that had displayed its cannibalistic urges by gobbling up a smaller member of its own kind, not once, but twice; both times beneath the fluorescent lamp on the adjacent wall and both times arousing a lot of nauseating disgust in me. I remember deeply thinking about its cannibalistic urges, wondering if it was acute hunger that could have led to these brutal acts. But, it could not have been, since I have seen thousands of unsuspecting insects beneath the lamp; more than enough for the other hard-working, fun-loving, non-cannibalistic geckos to feast on and even conduct hunting games.

So, all Hannibal (yes, I have named it) ever does is, stare at me and observe my every move for hours, without moving at all, except for an occasional twitch. I am not sure if Hannibal is watching me, or watching over me; plotting my murder, or conducting a study; amused at the equally lethargic way my life moves forward, or pondering over the divide that centuries of diverged evolutionary process has brought in between our species. Nevertheless, I think Hannibal is surely entertained by the uneasy glances and infrequent short conversations I throw in its direction whenever it stations itself at the same spot and commits to its favourite and only hobby, which is mute observation.

Right now, as I type this, Hannibal is peering at me from the edge of the high shelf; possibly wondering what it would be like to gobble up a human.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Hannibal…!!!
And, get a life, Hannibal…!!!


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