You are made up of memories of the people around you. Remembrance can make even a deceased person come to life. Two minds can be impossibly distant but miraculously united in a moment frozen in time. If you forage through the jumbled thickets of cognitive wilderness, you come up with a precious something of a long lost memory.

You, the reader, even if you don’t know me, you will probably save a few bits of my mind scattered in this piece in one of the deepest easily forgettable corner of your mind. And, even when we are universes apart, I shall retain that little part of your mind which has put aside an indelible piece of your life for me.

Haven’t you noticed how our heart can preserve a heart that’s not our own? Connections constantly reverberate through the vastness of space and time, to reach our hearts. Just like the bond that has percolated through this piece, from my mind to yours.

How our minds can travel through time and gather even the tiniest crumb of a long-forgotten memory, is a beautiful occurrence, which is, but, impossible for our physical existence. So, remembrance can be a sweet escape into a fantasy world knitted in time, from a dull reality!


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