Labyrinth of mind’s intricacies

The things you find while lost in the labyrinth of mind’s intricacies! Explored and unexplored paths in the depths of your own self, exclusive inadequacies and idiosyncrasies that define you, delicately stored layers of precious moments that were crafted carefully in your solitude, pearls of wisdom hidden in the big black ocean of unconstrained emotions, snippets of long lost happiness, fragmented grief from past tragedies, looming dread for an unforeseeable future, disintegrated prejudices, non-degradable biases, human and inhuman errors, serenity, singularities, chaos, fear, pain, darkness, colours, void, love, desire, satisfaction, longing, obligations, obsession, compassion, pieces of your own tumultuous explosive soul, conjured up images of bygone moments neatly stacked away in strange corners, haphazard pile of crumbled thoughts corrupted by mental blurs, intangible things that have stuck on to the multi-dimensional fabric of time. A wandering soul can discover a complete, distinctively rich, self-sustaining, spectacular world within oneself.


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